Release Those Stiff Shoulders: 5 Ways

Why do we tend to see people with stiff shoulders or experience the discomfort of it ourselves? Most of the time, the culprit is our daily lifestyle and what it demands from us. There is no doubt that modern lifestyle and technology offer countless benefits—it’s an ever-growing source of information and inspiration and keeps us easily connected to our loved ones. But the truth is, many of us spend hours and hours sitting in front of our computers or hunched over our mobile phones and tablets, and the course of this routine can cause a strain on the shoulders. This slumping posture pushes our shoulder blades away from the spine and in turn over stretches and weakens the muscles around them, resulting in stiff shoulders.

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So what can we do to help ourselves or others? Try out these simple yet effective yogic techniques.

Warm Up to Relieve Stiff Shoulders


In addition to the warm up exercises, 2 asanas are very beneficial to relieve stiff shoulders. 

Yoga is a wonderful way to accomplish both stretching and strengthening of the shoulder joints and muscles in a gentle and effective way. Our shoulder joint has the widest range of motion in comparison to any joint in the body and we need smooth shoulder movements for so many of our daily activities. So, take care of this region and prevent shoulder stiffness by practicing these exercises, as well as being more mindful and aware of your daily posture.

Take the time to sit, stand and walk, by intentionally correcting your posture and your body will surely thank you.

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