Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram Dharampur -International Headquarters

Raj Darbar

A magnificent open-air auditorium facing the verdant spiritual valley helps enhance yogic practice in the lap of nature. The vast amphitheatre converges at the world’s tallest statue of Shrimad Rajchandraji, the inspiration of SRMD Yoga.

The Meditation Complex

The grand new Meditation Hall, seating 500 seekers, is above the Auditorium in the Swadhyay Hall complex, offering an almost surreal experience of peace the moment you step into it.


Spread across the Spiritual Valley, a spectrum of high-quality, furnished housing is available for all students.

Diverse accommodation packages are available at the Ashram ranging from double-occupancy rooms to dormitories and air-conditioned rooms upon request.

Dining Complex
A well-equipped, modern kitchen facility serving wholesome meals curated by nutritionists for over 10,000 people.
Fitness Centres
A state-of-the-art gymnasium for regular physical workouts with an exclusive studio for aerobics.
Sports Arena

With 4 expansive turfs laden with artificial grass and stands for spectators, the Sports Arena is designed for a multitude of sports like football, cricket, volleyball, throwball, basketball and other outdoor activities.

Community Garden

A 90,000 sq. ft. garden featuring an outdoor podium, groves for contemplation, flower gardens, children’s play areas and walking pathways.


  • Natural landscapes with thriving flora and fauna
  • Well-designed roads and efficient transport system
  • Community living with sustainable approach
Green Commitment

The Ashram is committed to conscious development and a green experience. Through long-term, sustainable practises, the Ashram strives to minimise our carbon footprint.

  • Tree Plantations
  • Solar Power
  • Water Recharging
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Waste Management
  • Electric Buggies
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