SMRD Yoga Prenatal Programme

SRMD Yoga Prenatal Classes

Prenatal yoga supports mothers-to-be on their personal journey from conception all the way to birth. SRMD’s prenatal yoga programme is designed to cultivate mental and emotional balance to ground, center and empower expectant mothers. The programme includes uplifting gentle asana practices, meditations to connect with your baby and breathing techniques to bridge the gap between the mind and body and prepare expectant mothers for childbirth.
SRMD Yoga’s prenatal programme are designed to support expecting mothers through all three trimesters. The focus is on building strength without overstretching. Bring ease to the body and mind for a more comfortable pregnancy and help you heal and strengthen postpartum. Staying active during pregnancy can help mothers recover post-delivery quickly. Open and strengthen the body to prepare for experiences of labour, delivery and recovery. Work on creating strength and stability.

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

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