5 Quick Yogasanas at the Desk

Need a reboost at the desk? 

We’re constantly busy in our daily schedule, going back and forth from home to work or work to home! Whether it includes spending hours on the desk at school or office or traveling to and fro, we realistically spend so many hours just sitting! 

Do you experience this life style to become taxing on the body and mind, resulting in loss of vibrancy and energy? 

Well, don’t worry! Try out these simple yogic techniques in order to release the built-up tension and continue working while feeling fresh and light! So don’t waste a second more while sitting or waiting around, but give yourself that boost to be proactive in order to perform better at work with Yoga at the Desk.

This stretch is effective to open up the spine.

Now that we’re warmed up, let’s move onto a variation of our favorite Surya Namaskara.This flow will open up the spine, back, chest, and also provide the head with greater blood flow, all of which can be done on the chair! 

Can you believe it? Well try it for yourself. 

Follow along with these steps:

Do you feel warmed up? Well let us not stop here. Give yourself an extra boost with some asana variations.

This variation is beneficial to exercise the core.

Next time you feel tired or bored of just sitting, put these exercises into action by practicing them and inviting your colleagues or friends to join you to make the practice even more enjoyable! Little do you realize that your lifestyle may be taking a toll on your body, so ensure to take care of your health by practicing Yoga everyday.

Find this step by step easy video for Yoga at the Desk

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