SRMD Yoga – Daily Workout Handbook’ has 7 unique Yoga sequences for every day of the week which encompasses 16 asanas each to cater to all levels of practitioners. Every sequence focuses on a specific functional theme with pictures and instructions of each yoga posture for easy understanding and practice. With a very specific series of asanas for each day of the week, this handbook is an easy tool for self directed learning and practice. Each asana is broken down in detail with guided instructions and a visual to perform the asana in the correct manner. Each asana is broken down step-by-step with key actions focused on helping to perfect each pose. Focus on your alignments, technique and style at your own time and at your own pace through this complete handbook.

Take a sneak peek at our ‘focus’ flows!

Monday – Balancing Focus
Tuesday – Core Focus
Wednesday – Shoulder and Back Focus
Thursday – Strengthening Focus
Friday – Inversion Focus
Saturday – Leg Focus
Sunday – Hip Focus

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