Shrimad Rajchandra Prisoner Upliftment and Reform Efforts (PURE) focuses on the development of the prisoners’ spiritual and moral values, physical and mental health, as well as education and other skills. This programme provides a healing touch to prisoners and leads them towards a better life in the future.

Nearly two-thirds of the prisoners in India are serving time while awaiting a trial. The morale of these prisoners is full of fear and anxiety about their future. Their families look for outlets on how to cope with the stress through finding ways to keep the prisoners motivated. SRMD Yoga identified this need from prisoners and jails on how the entities are eagerly looking for programmes to keep the prisoners in good spirits. 

PURE and SRMD Yoga interact with prisoners through spiritual discourses, value-based sessions, meditation, yoga techniques and pranayama. SRMD Yoga curates customised workshops and programmes to help cultivate positive thought patterns and emotions for a smooth transition into social life.

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