SRMD Yoga for Schools

Today’s students and teachers are facing a world that is often overwhelming and more stressful than ever before. This unpredictable stress has a profound effect on their innate joy. SRMD Yoga offers both virtual and in-person workshops designed for children, parents and teachers to build the inner resilience needed to manoeuvre physical, mental and emotional stress. Our holistic structure seamlessly integrates simple yet creative yoga asanas, affirmations, breathing techniques and unique meditations to provide balance, strength, positivity and many psychological benefits. Gift your school community the abundance of yoga and witness the benefits slowly unfold!

What We Offer

Innovative programs for entire school communities and families that build strength, improve emotional balance, teach social and emotional learning skills and help children navigate difficulties. Our 5-step curriculum is rooted in traditional asana practise and backed by evidence-based research.

5 elements of SRMD Yoga for Schools

A Look Inside SRMD Yoga Workshops for Schools

SRMD Yoga offers schools around the world training, resources and workshops. In our centres worldwide, we offer asana, pranayama and mindfulness sessions. We cater to schools holistically, offering tailored sessions for students and their families, teachers and staff members.

A Child in Vrukshasana

Student Programming

The students programmes are designed to help children thrive in the world in any situation and navigate the many challenges they face with a sense of personal power and self-awareness. SRMD Yoga offers custom-designed asana, pranayama and mindfulness workshops for students of all ages and backgrounds. One of the highlights of these workshops are the brain gym sessions. Our classes are offered as interactive livestreams or pre-recorded programmes that can be played for students in school or at home.
Brain Gym®

Teacher and Staff Wellness

Fostering the physical and mental health of school teachers and staff helps support student's academic success. Staff can contribute their best when they feel positive and energised. SRMD Yoga workshops help provide support for the physical, social, emotional and professional well-being of school teachers and staff.

Parent Programing

SRMD Yoga offers family engagement sessions and workshops for parents. These workshops will help parents forge lasting bonds with their children and create meaningful connections within the household environment.

What’s Included

Help your students balance emotions, increase focus and improve their capacity for achievement.

Whether you know what you need or want to discuss options with our team, SRMD Yoga is here to help. Provide us with basic information below and we will promptly reach out to discuss your options further. Gift your child the abundance of yoga and watch as the benefits slowly unfold. A more peaceful path of teaching and learning is right around the corner!

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