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SRMD Yoga is here to guide the inquisitive learner step-by-step through the Yoga Alliance certified Online Teacher Training (200 Hrs). Wherever you are in your yoga journey, this course shall add profound value to your life.


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No Prior Experience Needed

This course is for yoga practitioners of all levels. Learn the integral avenues of yoga in a holistic manner, beginning with basics and leading you to advanced stages of practice.

Self-Paced Online Learning

Whether you are studying or a working professional, this course can be completed as per your free time from the comfort of your home. Follow our suggested weekly schedule or create your own to fit your daily routine.

Lifelong Access to Resources

The SRMD Yoga TTC material is yours to access forever. A readily-available, comprehensive library of videos, worksheets, and an in-depth manual will ensure you stay aligned to your practice.

Weekly Personal Support

Resolve your doubts through live Q&A sessions weekly with international yoga trainers. Don’t miss on the opportunity to connect with fellow coursemates.

Course Curriculum

Knowledge is power, and yoga philosophy is what gives power and purpose to all yogic practices. Study topics such as ashtanga yoga, the 4 paths of yoga, styles of yoga and qualities of a yogi. 

Cover the depths of teaching methodology never explored before. Through right techniques and dedicated practice, become a professional yoga teacher by learning the most effective ways of teaching. 

Asana practice is the heart of yoga. Dive deep into SRMD Yoga’s fundamental asanas to understand their benefits, the technique of practice, contraindications and modifications with the use of props. 

This module teaches hands-on adjustments as you will be guided by our advanced trainers to adjust and correct your alignment. This detailed attention will allow you to replicate the same for your students in the future.

Journey through the practice of regulating and elevating the life force within the body using the breath. Create an atmosphere of peace, vitality and wellness within yourself through various techniques of heating and cooling pranayamas. 

Whether you’re new to meditation or an avid meditator, you will be enriched by the witnessing meditation technique practised at SRMD Yoga. Experience peace, stillness, bliss and increased awareness through our method of ‘saakshi dhyana’ along with other passive and active techniques. 

Learn how energy flows in the body and techniques of controlling the energy in this module. We will explore and practice the various types of mudras and bandhas and understand their significance.

In this module we will cover the different organ systems of the body including the muscular and skeletal systems. Emphasis will be placed on concepts of functional movement and the application of anatomical principles to yoga practice. Specially-designed asana anatomy labs will integrate anatomy theory into practice.

Eastern anatomy is focused on esoteric aspects of the subtle body. Through this module, you will deepen your understanding of the profound effects of yoga on your framework, and how it can be a catalyst towards a higher state of wellness.

Mantras and prayers are vibrationally-charged words that uplift our mind, purify our intellect and senses, and elevate our states. Recite and learn the meaning of famous mantras and prayers through this module.

Transform yourself through a concise and complete commentary on Atmasiddhi Shastra by Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshji. Through this encyclopedia for the sincere spiritual seeker, understand the six spiritual truths of the soul. Begin your inner quest through the study of this magnum opus. 

Sound Healing, an enthralling alternative form of therapy uses sound and various frequencies to heal a person physically, mentally or emotionally. Through this revolutionary and all-inclusive module, we will cover the science of sound, different frequencies, sound healing instruments, chakras, the power of Aum and much more.

Begin your journey towards holistic well-being!

Enjoy these extra bonuses!

  • Sacred Sound Healing Workshop
  • SRMD Yoga Hour 6 Month Starter Membership
  • Journey of Self-Discovery Through Atmasiddhi Shastra – Delivered At Your Doorstep!
  • Guidebook to Introspection
  • SRMD Yoga Daily Workout Handbook
  • SRMD Yoga TTC Manual
  • SRMD Yoga TTC Weekly Schedules

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SRMD Yoga is an initiative envisioned by an Enlightened Master and spiritual visionary, Pujya Gurudevshri. It is founded in spirituality. The course is led by internationally qualified trainers who lead a life devoted to spiritual pursuits. Every practice at SRMD Yoga is taught with spiritual benefit at its core. 

It is a 200-hour online course, which you can pace on your own. If you pursue an intensive study, you can graduate within 1 month. Part-time students take 2-3 months, on average, to complete the course. Videos of the course are available to you forever, to help refresh practices if required.

All students have lifetime access to all course material upon successful completion of the course.

The course material includes:

  • SRMD Yoga TTC Manual
  • SRMD Yoga Workout Handbook
  • SRMD Yoga weekly schedules
  • YouTube follow-along videos
  • Guidebook to introspection

The course comes with Teacher Support. There are weekly live Q&A sessions, where you can clear all your doubts and gain a deeper understanding of the subject.

Self-paced online learning means watching pre-recorded videos in your free time as per the order set on the platform. This allows you to do the course without disrupting your daily routine. However, we highly recommend you to follow the SRMD Yoga TTC schedules or set a schedule for yourself before starting the course.

For sessions that teach hands-on adjustments, you will be guided and learn how to adjust yourself. You may practice your asanas in front of a mirror for better correction.

Having some background about yoga, meditation or exercise is beneficial but not required. SRMD Yoga teachers will help strengthen your basics and encourage you towards advanced levels.

Practising asanas regularly will help boost your flexibility. After all, flexibility comes with repeated practice.

Yes, you are required to give a theory examination at the end of the course. This examination will cover everything you have learnt in class. You will also be required to give a practical examination by sending a video of yourself teaching a class which will be assessed by the SRMD Yoga teachers. 

This course follows the updated regulations of Yoga Alliance. Therefore, upon completion of all lessons and final assessments, you will receive a 200-hour certification eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance USA.This certificate is the same as the one students receive after completing an offline course.

This course follows the traditional Hatha Yoga practice and goes into depth of asanas and techniques based on Hatha Yoga.

This course is taught in English, but will be offered in several languages very soon.

SRMD Yoga believes that yoga is for every body-type, each asana has a variation and can be practised as per comfort. There is no age barrier or physical limitation which stops you from joining our TTC. 

The course needs to be completed within 1 year of purchase in order to receive the Yoga Alliance Certificate.

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