Combatting COVID with Compassion

By the grace of Shrimad Rajchandraji and the guidance of Pujya Gurudevshri, recently a state of the art 200-bed COVID facility was setup in Dharampur, South Gujarat with 50 beds dedicated to critical patients and 150 beds for mild to moderate covid patients.

This COVID facility equipped with an ICU, BiPAP machinery, ventilators, high-flow oxygen support and experienced healthcare professionals became the first of its kind with infrastructure that was unheard of and unknown in the tribal areas of South Gujarat. This COVID facility not only stands out for its compassionate cause but also its commitment to make modern healthcare accessible in the remotest regions.

Overcoming geographical distances for the overall care of rural patients, a global network of doctors from the USA, UK and Australia have been conducting tele-consultations regularly.

An immunity-boosting food menu has been curated by nutritionists to keep the patients well-nourished. Physiotherapy and yoga are conducted for holistic wellness, along with soothing music and inspiring video clips to empower the patients emotionally.

For a tribal population of over 4.5 lakh people grappling with COVID related myths and fear of vaccination, a mega awareness drive and vaccination outreach is being carried out to help dispel myths about COVID and relay information about symptoms, testing and vaccination.

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