Classical Surya Namaskara: The Heart and Core of Yogic Practice

The Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) is the heart and core of yogic practise. This sequence of asanas dates back to the ancient yogis who performed Surya Namaskaras every morning while facing the sun to greet the new day and welcome the divine within. Translated as the ‘Eternal Salutations to the Sun’, this practise brings dynamism and vigour to each day.

The Surya Namaskara uniquely engages most of the body’s muscles at once, providing a comprehensive warm-up for the body’s muscles and energies. At a physical level, this practice lengthens and strengthens the muscles, aids healthy digestion, improves lung capacity and blood circulation and stimulates the nervous system. At an energetic level, Surya Namaskara assists in releasing negativity and produces anti-anxiety and calming properties.

It’s the perfect sequence to start your day off! 

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Beginners are recommended to perform 3-5 rounds, while experienced practitioners can practise 10 rounds. Ensure that the breath is synchronised with the body’s movements at all times.

Quick Tip!

Try performing Surya Namaskara’s while chanting your favourite mantra. Adding mantras during the practice removes monotony, provides harmony within and produces soothing vibrations which remove fatigue!

Surya Namaskara Steps

All in all, Surya Namaskara is a vital aspect to yogic practice. When practiced in haste or as a mere workout, the gain may only be physical; however, when practiced with awareness and in rhythm with the breath and postures, the practitioner will experience physical, mental and spiritual expansion.

Let us put laziness aside by starting each morning with this wonderful classical Surya Namaskara in order to experience its manifold benefits!

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